High quality 6 micron Aluminium foil for cigarette liner paper

Tobacco is a perishable and often expensive consumer product that requires packaging to deliver it to consumers in the best condition. Aluminum foil maintains an effective moisture barrier and protects tobacco from deterioration, aroma spread, and bacteria by packaging. Aluminum foil has always been an integral part of cigarette packaging.

Aluminum foil has become the preferred barrier material, especially for the inner lining of cigarette packages. This is because it combines the ability to retain the unique aroma unique to each mixture and brand, and has a unique "feel" and a lightweight, strong and easy to reseal appearance. Aluminum foil paper laminates also have mechanical properties that other materials cannot provide.

With its irreversible dead angle folding characteristics, aluminum foil can be formed into the desired shape without "rebound", and provides the necessary web strength and reliability for high-speed packaging production lines. It retains the unique aroma unique to each mixture and brand, and gives the packaging a unique appearance and quality appeal.

Cigarette aluminum foil is very important in cigarette packaging. The quality of aluminum foil will not only affect the sealing effect of cigarette paper, but also affect the operation performance of the machine. Traditionally, cigarette aluminum foil is made by laminating foil and backing paper. Nowadays, more and more cigarette factories choose metalized or transferred aluminum foil paper instead of laminated aluminum foil paper. Metalized and transferred aluminum foil paper is more easily degraded.


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