Food container aluminum foil 8011

Aluminum foil container, as the name suggests, is a container made of aluminum foil. The commonly used alloy states are: 8011-H24, 8011-H22, 3003-H22, 3003-H24, which are mainly used in our daily life lunch boxes, heating plates, barbecue plates, aluminum foil bowls, cake plates, food packaging boxes, etc.

1. Before rolling, the scrap residue on the surface of the feed material contaminated by the rolling oil and rolling is buried by non-metallic impurities, forming a point or needle-shaped scratched surface, and becomes an intermittent black filament. scratch

Second, the circulating water on the surface of the grinding wheel of the roller mill is not clean. During the grinding process, the fine sand is sandwiched between the roller and the grinding wheel, and instantly forms a bulge on the surface of the work roller, causing needle scratches on the surface.

After the rolling oil is contaminated, it cannot be filtered in time, and then the degreased oil during the annealing process will cause the contaminated residual oil to remain on the surface of the foil and form a peculiar smell.

Preventive measures: strictly control the surface quality and shape of cast billets and rolled billets to prevent interlayer scratches; keep the grinding fluid clean during the grinding process of rolls without any mechanical impurities, and replace them regularly; strengthen rolling The management of oil-making replacement of filter media in quantity according to the quality and quantity to ensure the light transmittance of the rolling oil.

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