Common aluminum foil specifications and uses!

Aluminum foil can be divided into many types, and can be divided into packaging foil, daily necessities foil, electrical equipment foil and construction foil according to the application. However, the use can be divided into many types. What are the alloy states of commonly used aluminum foil? What is the typical thickness of multiple processing methods? Let's go and see.
Cigarette foil
Alloy status: 1235-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.006 ~ 0.007
Processing methods: composite paper, coloring, printing, etc.
End use: Cigarette packaging after backing, printing or lacquering.
Flexible packaging foil
Alloy status: 8079-O, 1235-O
Typical thickness: 0.006 ~ 0.009
Processing method: embossing and printing on composite paper, plastic film, printing, etc.
End use: confectionery, milk and dairy products, powder food, beverages, tea, bread and various snacks
Cardboard foil
Alloy status: 1235-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.006
Processing method: aluminum-plastic paper composite
End use: for barrier and aesthetic purposes.
Aseptic package foil
Alloy status: 1235-O, 8111-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.0063, 0.00635
Processing method: aluminum plastic paper composite, printing
End use: used as a barrier material, made of rectangular carton packaging with straw straw holes (when drinking soda), such as Tetra Pak, Kangmei bag
Household foil
Alloy status: 8011-O
Typical thickness: 0.008 ~ 0.02
Processing method: small roll
End use: for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning.
Heat seal foil
Alloy status: 8011-O
Typical thickness: 0.025 ~ 0.05 (single-sided light or double-sided light)
Processing method: composite, printing, etc.
End use: After printing or painting, it is used for packaging of dairy products such as fresh milk and yogurt.
Medicine foil
Alloy state: 8011-H18; 8021-O
Typical thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.075
Processing method: composite, coating, printing, etc.
End use: After compounding and printing, it is widely used in packaging of various pharmaceutical capsules, tablets and granules.
Container foil
Alloy status: 8011-H24, 3003-H24, 8011-H22
Typical thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.20
Processing method: stamping
End use: Semi-rigid container for food packaging after punching.
The use of aluminum foil is very wide and the prospect is good. As an aluminum foil deep-processing enterprise, HTMM produces aluminum foil products that pass the REACH test and the EU METAL, alloy and electroplated coating CM / RES (2013) 9 test applicable to the European Union, and the FDA certification for the food industry. The products are exported to 60 counties and regions including Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, USA, Mexico, Middle East, European Union, South America, etc., serving more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

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