characteristics of aluminum foil 8011

1. Recoverable and low pollution
Aluminum is highly recyclable and recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely, while the mass loss is limited and its original characteristics are maintained. The recycled aluminum can be used to produce a number of finished products. The aluminum foil container can be easily compressed and classified to reduce the amount of waste produced.
2. Food-grade, more comfortable
The aluminum foil container can be well subjected to temperature changes and the stability of the molecular structure at high and low temperatures of-20.degree. C. to 250.degree. C. does not change. It is possible to use it from a quick freezing to an extreme baking and a barbecue, during which the 8011 Aluminium foil is not deformed, broken, melted or burned and does not produce harmful substances.
3. High quality aluminium foil 8011
The 8011 aluminum foil has a bright metallic luster and can be compatible with all printing techniques, so the designer can take full advantage of their imagination and design a unique pattern and brand logo. The 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer can make color printing, surface coating, embossing, embossing and code spraying on the aluminum foil dining box and the container according to the needs of the food processing enterprises and the catering enterprises, so as to highlight the difference and the beauty of the product. Improve the brand image and the enterprise image.
4. The aluminum foil 8011 has high barrier property,
The 8011 aluminum foil has high barrier property to water, steam, light and fragrance, and is not affected by environment and temperature. Therefore, Aluminium foil  is often used in cigarette packaging, moisture-proof packaging and the like to prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and volatilization and deterioration of the contents of the package. It is especially suitable for high-temperature cooking and sterilization packaging of food.
 5. 8011 Aluminum foil has corrosion resistance
The oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of the aluminum foil, and the formation of the oxide film can further prevent the oxidation from continuing. Thus, when the package content has a high acidity or alkalinity, a protective coating or PE coating is typically applied to its surface to improve its corrosion resistance.
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