The secret of beer bottleneck-aluminum foil

Beer is one of the most common drinks in our daily life. Come a bottle of cold beer on a hot summer day, cool and refreshing, the summer heat is gone! Have we paid attention to the packaging of beer bottles when tasting the delicious taste of beer? Beer bottles are usually made of glass, and there is usually aluminum foil at the bottleneck.
Don't underestimate this layer of aluminum foil, its existence is of great significance! One of the important raw materials in beer is hops, which is an important ingredient that imparts special bitterness to beer. However, the ingredients in hops are light-sensitive, and will decompose under the action of sunlight UV rays, resulting in unpleasant "sunshine odor". Adding aluminum foil to the bottleneck can reduce UV light transmission and reduce "sunshine odor". It also has another function to prevent and reduce corrosion. Of course, the beauty and exquisiteness of beer bottles are also important. Beer bottles with aluminum foil will make people feel very high-grade.
The thickness of aluminum foil used at the bottleneck of beer is usually 0.010-0.0115mm, and the width specification is between 300-500mm, which belongs to the category of single zero foil. The use process is as follows: after printing, embossing, modeling and other processes, the plain aluminum foil is sent to the brewery as a beer bottleneck and bottle label and decoration for mechanized application. HTMM is committed to the deep processing of aluminum foil with high quality and is sold all over the world. Welcome to consult!

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