Aluminum Foil For Lamination 8079

Aluminum Foil For Lamination 8079
China aluminum foil manufacturer provide Aluminum Foil For Lamination 8079. Among the main uses of
aluminum foil, one is used as a consumer material, such as packaging or decoration. At present, in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, this kind of aluminum foil accounts for more than 80%. The other is auxiliary raw materials for industrial production.

Aluminum Foil For Lamination packaging
Maintaining the color, fragrance and taste of food during the shelf life is the most basic function of food flexible packaging. 30% of the food on the market has lost its original color, fragrance, taste and other characteristics before the expiry date. Consumers will have a serious impact on their health once they eat this kind of food without knowing it. On the one hand, some irresponsible food companies deliberately extended the shelf life of the food due to the commercialization of the radius and cycle of food sales; The role of protecting the characteristics of food.

Aluminum foil lamination packaging or decoration mainly uses aluminum foil's good airtightness, good coverage and beautiful appearance. Alternatives are plastic and paper. Since the composite aluminum foil products have the advantages of easy processing and low cost, it is difficult for other metal materials to replace the aluminum foil in industrial production, so the first type of aluminum foil products are facing competition from substitutes. Aluminum foil packaging, plastic packaging and paper packaging are currently the three main forms of flexible packaging. Plastic and paper are used for packaging and have the advantages of low price, light weight and convenience. These two packaging materials have greatly inhibited the market demand for factory packaging aluminum foil. However, general plastic packaging and paper packaging are easily damaged, have poor safety, and are far inferior to aluminum foil packaging in terms of quality and sealing effect. The development of aluminum-plastic composite technology and aluminum foil backing technology has greatly stimulated the market demand for packaging aluminum foil by China aluminum foil manufacturer.

Aluminum foil must be both airtight and beautiful and decorative. Aluminum foil is used for laminated packaging, and aluminum foil is used for moisture-proof, shading, and decoration. This kind of aluminum foil is mainly composited with paper, the aluminum foil is on the outermost side, or under the transparent layer, and the metallic luster of the aluminum foil is the sign of this kind of packaging. 

Flexible packaging aluminum foil mainly uses the metallic luster, light barrier, gas barrier, and certain strength and ductility of aluminum foil. The uses of aluminum foil include: outer packaging of medicines, cigarettes, wine, and food.
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