Aluminium foil: a survival tool that has been underrated, not just barbecue tools

Leave a trail
When hiking, if you get lost at night, you can wrap the foil on the roadside vegetation, and if you shine it with a lamp, you can find the previous road.

Funnel, bowl, plate
Aluminum foil is easy to bend and fold, so it can be used as a funnel. At the same time, it can also be made into items such as bowls and plates. Because it can be made into a bowl, it can also be used to collect rainwater, or it can be boiled to purify water.

Purified water
Aluminum foil can be made into cups, then filled with water and boiled. But be aware that the aluminum foil will melt in the flame, so when boiling the water, hang it up and do not directly touch the fire.

In the wild, there are no plastic bags, and electronic equipment is easily damaged by water. At this time, electronic equipment can be wrapped with aluminum foil to prevent rain. Fold the aluminum foil several times and then compress it to seal it.

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