Aluminium foil 8011 h22

At present, my country is the world's largest producer and exporter of aluminum foil. In terms of production and processing of aluminum foil, technology and equipment have reached a good level, and the quality of product quality has reached a high level.The packaging market has become an important consumer market, and lunch box materials made of it are regarded as high-end products and can be seen everywhere on the plane.

Containers with lids can be made of aluminum foil, paper or other materials. It is not easy to deform and wrinkle, has good sealing performance, and has strong heat preservation and freshness preservation ability. Food is not spilled or contaminated during storage and transportation, greatly reducing food waste. Therefore, most food manufacturers currently prefer to use aluminum foil to store food.

As a veteran in the processing industry, the products produced by HTMM meet the national standards and have won the satisfaction of customers. It can be used infinitely, with limited loss of quality, and can maintain the original characteristics. Lunch boxes made from
aluminum foil 8011 h22 can be easily compressed and sorted after use, reducing the amount of waste generated. We rely on mature packaging technology and a complete transportation system to ensure that oxidation is avoided during the process from factory to delivery to customers
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