Aluminium foil 3003 for packaging

3003 alloy is an alloy with very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. It is not heat treatable and develops strengthening from cold working only. Main tempers for aluminum foil 3003 includes H 18, H22, H24 and other tempers upon request. This alloy provides a better heating and cooling environment so that widely used in household applications. HTMM Aluminium is a leading aluminum manufacturer mainly in business of 3003 household foil, container foil, packaging foil as well as electronic foil since 2009.
aluminium foil 3003 has anti - leakage, fresh, anti - counterfeiting, anti - theft, anti - moisture and other functions, but also has a good antibacterial ability.It ’s an ideal material for packaging products.
The advantages of HTMM aluminum foil 3003 :
1. Clean and hygienic, ensure food is not contaminated, and extend the shelf life of food
2. It has good light-shielding properties,it can protective for products sensitive to the sunlight.
3. Few pinholes, good barrier and heat sealing performance.

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