Aluminium Foil 1235 0 for cigarette packaging

The silver aluminum foil supplier of cigarette packaging produces high quality aluminum foil 1235 O, laminated with strips or gold paper, used as a lining for cigarette packaging. The specifications for cigarette packaging aluminum foil are:
Thickness: 0.006-0.0065mm
Width: 300-1800mm
I.,D: 76mm/152mm
O.,D: 330mm-650mm
Alloy: 1235
Tensile strength: 80-90MPa,
Elongation >= 1%,
Pinhole: 0.006mm <= 500 / mm2
0.0063~0.0065mm <= 300 / square mm
Surface wetting tension: Class A
Silver Aluminum foil is an ideal packaging material with a variety of excellent properties, and fully proves the broad prospects of aluminum foil in many fields. In general, flat foil packaging is rarely used alone, and most aluminum foil or Laminated aluminum foil that has been subjected to various deep processing is used. In the process of using pinholes to reduce barrier properties, aluminum foil and paper, polymer or other thin metal sheets are commonly used as laminated packaging materials, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes, and currently, 50% of aluminum foil composite paper is used. Cigarette packaging, known as aluminum foil for cigarette packaging, plays an important role in maintaining odor and moisture.
At present, aluminum foil laminated paper, vacuum aluminum plated liner and film-based liner have been approved by major tobacco groups worldwide. The adaptability of packaging is directly related to the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises in the cigarette industry. Therefore, good packaging adaptability is an important condition for the qualification of liner paper.

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