8011 Chocolate Packaging Aluminum Paper

Aluminum paper for chocolate is also called chocolate aluminum foil. The reason aluminum foil is used for chocolate packaging is that aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture resistance, light protection and heat insulation. Both inside and outside the chocolate must be packed in aluminum foil. Generally, aluminum foil is used as an inner packaging of chocolate.
The raw material of chocolate is cocoa cake and cocoa butter made from cocoa beans, sugar, milk and so on. If chocolate is directly exposed to light, cocoa butter reacts with moisture and oxygen in the air, odor and taste. The chocolate will be lost, and there will be no scent and flavor of chocolate when peeled. In order to maintain the deliciousness of chocolate, aluminum paper for chocolate is used, and at the same time, aluminum foil packaging has insect and antibacterial effects. In addition, chocolate is an easy-to-remove food, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt due to its good barrier properties and ductility. Aluminum foil for chocolate packaging is mainly used for sealing, moisture-proof, light-proof and certain thermal insulation performance.


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