3003 H24 aluminium foil for container

There are two kinds of container aluminum foil: Wrinkled container aluminum foil,Wrinkle-free container aluminum foil.
Wrinkled container aluminum foil Sealing performance is not as good as wrinkle-free container aluminum foil, Wrinkled container aluminum foil's price is cheaper than Wrinkle-free container aluminum foil's. Thickness 0.04-0.2mm. No Burr on slitted edges. 3003 H24 container aluminum foil is more common, the price is slightly more expensive, The cheaper price is 8011 H24 container aluminum foil,
Wrinkled container aluminum foil
Wrinkle-free container aluminum foil, Good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, slightly more expensive. Surface clean and free from defects. Thickness 0.05-0.18mm. 8006 O container aluminum foil is mainly used in aviation lunch boxes, which are high-end lunch boxes and have high quality requirements for aluminum foil. The demand in European countries is large. Wrinkle-free container foil alloy commonly used in other industries is 8011 O container aluminum foil,3003 H22 container aluminum foil, 8011  O container aluminum foil.
1) Safer, non-toxic, and resistant to high temperatures;
2) can be heated by an open flame and heated in a microwave oven;
3) It can better isolate the contact of food with the outside world, ensure the flavor and temperature of the food, and should be more competitive in the take-away industry;
4) It has a more high-end packaging experience. After all, it has been standardized for aviation meals, high-end restaurants and large-scale international events (Olympic Games, World Expo) when it has not yet achieved domestic popularization;
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