Why is 1235 alloy aluminum foil widely used?

There are many tapes in life. Composite aluminum foil tape. The common materials of aluminum foil tape are 1235 alloy and 8011 alloy, among which 1235 aluminum foil alloy is widely used, specifications (0.05mm-0.08mm) * various widths * length. Aluminum foil tape is the main raw material and auxiliary material for refrigerator and freezer manufacturing plants.
The reasons for the widespread use of 1235 alloy aluminum foil are as follows: 1. The 1235 aluminum foil has a good repair effect. The 1235 aluminum foil tape can be used with all composite materials to achieve seam bonding, sealing of puncture areas of insulated nails, and repair of damaged areas. 2. The ink of 1235 aluminum foil tape is the only non-toxic ink approved by the Food and Drug Association in all food printing methods. Therefore, aluminum foil tape is also called green tape, which is widely used in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging.
1235 tape aluminum foil is favored by more and more aluminum foil manufacturers. Among them, the raw materials of aluminum foil tape produced by HTMM Aluminum Foil Company can guarantee the quality, have stable production capacity and export experience. Products meet the standards, meet customer requirements, and have a broad market prospect.


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