1235 Aluminium foil for lamination

1235 glass fiber cloth aluminum foil
The glass fiber cloth aluminum foil consists of specially treated 1235 aluminum foil, heat resistant adhesive and 12 * 14 glass fiber cloth, and is coated with heat-sealed polyethylene on the back.
1235 aluminum foil for fiberglass fabric properties
The glass fiber cloth is made of 1235 aluminum foil, and the surface is treated with special anti-corrosion treatment to improve the corrosion resistance. At the same time, the polyethylene hot air paste method eliminates the need for a composite adhesive and eliminates adhesive residue during the compounding process. Moisture or solvent caused corrosion on the surface of 1235 aluminum foil.
1235 aluminum foil
Advantages of 1235 aluminum foil for glass fiber cloth
The glass fiber cloth and the 1235 aluminum foil are directly hot-pressed, eliminating the compound glue and saving the cost of the veneer composite. The water vapor permeability is small, and the water vapor barrier effect is further enhanced: the glass fiber cloth 1235 aluminum foil intermediate heat-sealing polyethylene layer is thicker than the ordinary veneer, the water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier effect is better, and the glass is obtained. Reliable protection. Insulating material, such as cotton.

1235 aluminum foil
1235 glass fiber cloth with aluminum foil
Glass fiber cloth aluminum foil, suitable for ship, aerospace, railway, glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool, PEF products and heat sealing veneers and water vapor barrier layers of rubber and plastic insulation materials. It is suitable for online heat sealing of cotton felt, cotton board, cotton tube, PEF board tube, rubber sheet tube, etc., to meet the needs of warm air duct, hot and cold water pipe insulation, water vapor barrier, building insulation, so that the indoor winter and summer are warm. cool. Comfortable in all seasons.
1235 glass fiber cloth with aluminum foil
Glass fiber cloth 1235 aluminum foil has good tensile strength and smooth surface: glass fiber cloth 1235 aluminum foil has high mechanical strength, and is more suitable for online bonding of glass wool factory, rock wool factory and mineral wool factory.

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