Aluminium foil sales department , The summary of Team PK

As the time flying away, the years shutting again. The two month business PK competition is over, on this morning, Hanan tendeli company held a grand commendation meeting to commend the excellent team, excellent business people and excellent operation. Leaders of the group company and employees of the business department gathered together to share the results and encourage together.
 Leaders of the company made detailed comments on summarizing experience, commending advanced and promoting positive energy. They emphasized that the purpose of the summary meeting is to share advanced experience, check omissions and make up deficiencies, communicate with each other, learn from each other, promote each other and grow each other.

Through commending excellent teams, operation and business The results of the PK competition are calculated according to the export sales and the signing of new customers. After two months of PK competition, the three vanguards of the final business team won the sales champion team. They are happy to go on stage to receive the award, and said that they should make further efforts to undertake, innovate and contribute their own strength to the development of the company.

Foreign trade newcomer Karen has the most new customers in this PK competition. she is happy to take the stage to receive the award and introduce the successful experience. The new and old staff of the company's business department are reasonably matched. It's true that “Excellent as their male colleagues”. “Later waves are never weaker than the former”.
Finally, Mrs Kelly, the business manager, made a summary speech. she said that this is not only a business challenge of self-pressure, but also a challenge of surpassing your competitors. Don't query your efforts. It will quietly pave the way for you to become a better person. All the joys, pains and setbacks are the witness of our common growth. At this moment, we share the joy of success. Tomorrow, we will continue to work hard and make progress.

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