High-quality development of recycled aluminum industry

The power of the four seas is to build a nest to attract the phoenix. As a strategic emerging industry encouraged by China, the recycling metal industry has gradually become clear in its industrial positioning and development path. Facing the accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization, the “One Belt and One Road” initiative is advancing in depth, and the rigid demand for recycled metal resources will continue to develop. It also faces the new normal of economic development and the hard constraints of green ecology and zero solid waste imports. new challenge. The 16th China Foundry Aluminum Alloy Industry Chain Development Forum and the 2019 Recycling Metal Industry Supplier Summit were held at the right time, not only to deeply analyze the important connotation of green development, but also to position the future development direction of the recycled metal industry and further promote it. The use of high efficiency and high value will definitely strengthen the upstream and downstream synergy of the industry, expand the application of recycled metal products, promote cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, enhance consensus, deepen cooperation, build a new era of green development ecosystem, boost confidence and play an important role. .
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