Aluminum foil is ubiquitous in our lives

Aluminum foil is ubiquitous in our lives. Aluminum foil roll is usually used food . It is used to grill bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. during barbecue. So as not to burn them. Wrapped in aluminum foil to burn seafood, golden mushrooms, etc., can retain the umami taste.
Aluminium foil roll is very common to hold food in aluminum foil trays. Although the aluminum foil tray is disposable, the composition is aluminum, which is less harmful to nature.

Aluminum foil has a clean, sanitary and shiny appearance, it can be integrated with many other packaging materials packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials,in addition, aluminum foil has the following characteristics:
(1) Aluminum foil surface is clean, sanitary, no bacteria or micro-organisms can not grow on its surface.
(2) aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can directly contact with food without any harm to human health.
(3) aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless odorless packaging material, will not make the packaging of food have any peculiar smell.
(4) aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and packaged food will never dry or shrink.
(5) at high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of oil permeability.
(6) aluminum foil is a kind of opaque packaging material, so it is a kind of good packing material for the products of sunlight irradiation.
(7) aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used to pack all kinds of products. Can also cause any shape containers.

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