Aluminum foil container have become the mainstream of take-away packaging.

Modern people's life rhythm is getting more and more busy, simple and fast, diverse choices, rich tastes, and many other advantages. It will naturally be loved by more and more people, so many people will choose to take out food to solve daily eating problems. Aluminum foil container have also become the mainstream of take-away packaging.
The aluminum foil is light in weight, easy to recycle, has no harmful substances generated during the treatment, and does not pollute renewable resources. The aluminum container product series is more used for aviation food and cake food retailing, and the update speed is faster and consumes more. Suitable for mass sales. Aluminum foil container are used in the cooking of cake food stores and in the packaging of finished foods. The product market is relatively wide and the popularity is wide.
Aluminum foil has outstanding barrier properties. Under the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, it can basically block gas and moisture completely. Therefore, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is used as a common barrier material, and aluminum foil has light weight, airtight and package. A series of advantages such as good coverage. Mainly sanitary, beautiful, and can also be insulated to a certain extent.
This kind of food container not only meets SGS, ISO, FDA, but more importantly, it adapts to the international environmental trend. The product can be directly placed on a gas stove for heating and roasting in a microwave oven without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people.
The used lunch box can be recycled and reused, reducing pollution and saving resources. It is a good choice. Under the background of people's growing concern about environmental protection, this kind of lunch box has developed rapidly in recent years, and many enterprises have begun to seize the market, and the future prospect is infinite.
Henan Tendeli Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. can produce aluminum foil  for making food containers. It has more than ten years of export experience and its products are exported to Asian, European, African and other countries.
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